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Trip Around the World – almost like a “normal” marriage.


Yes we are finally here!  Iceland!  The weather is cold/wet but our hostel and the people we’ve met have been great.  (Even this girl who spilled her beer all over me in line bought me a drink when we got inside!)  Anyway, before we get started on our new and exciting trip, I need to remember how it all began:   Vijay and I maintained a long distance relationship and marriage in order to save save save money!  We both had great jobs and hoped it would be better in the long run if we stayed at our jobs even after the wedding.   No one understood why but that’s because they didn’t know that we had something already planned!

It hasn’t been easy:  we’ve sacrificed a lot of night-outs, spent most weekends driving to see each other and we constantly had to come up with an explanation as to why we weren’t “together” .  I think people were starting to think there was something “fishy” going on. =P  When we finally announced our plans, everyone was really excited and supportive!  It all made sense!  Vijay and I were both able to move out of our apartments and leave our jobs on good terms…which we hope will benefit us when we return to “The States” with unemployment and plenty of great stories!

Things I’ll miss:

1. My jewelry!  I only brought about 10 pairs of earrings – how will I manage?!  I know I can buy them along the way but it’s not the same and it’s expensive!  I may have to start mixing and matching my earrings like Vijay mixes and matches his socks!

2. Dunkin donuts early in the morning (read: very late at night when nothing else is open)

3. Driving my own car !  (Just over 98,000 miles!)

4. My friends and family – - I mean some of them I don’t see but yearly anyway so it’s not SO bad right?

5. Bi-monthly paycheck being deposited into my bank account.

6. Sleeping in my own bed!

7. Regular bowel movements and sitting on familiar toilets.

8. Using dollars and not having to worry about constantly converting exchange rates in my mind!

Things I won’t miss:

1. Waking up early on Thursdays and Fridays for wound rounds.

2. Angry residents complaining about their food!  I’m “Shef” but not the “chef” GEEZ!

3. Paying rent and bills!  Although I guess we’ll be paying hostel and hotel charges!

4. Driving to Baltimore from New York during weekend rush hour traffic =)  I mean it was always a blast BUT STILL annoying.

Things I look foward to:

1. Learning the streets and getting around a new city every couple of days!

2. People watching all over the world!

3. Trying the junk food and street food and hoping they won’t make me sick…on the other hand, hoping they make me go if I’m feeling constipated.

4. Spending time with Vijay and NOT having to head to separate apartments on Sunday nights!

5.  Finding really good deals internationally and finding events and things to do that Vijay will love!


We’ve finally made it!  Now our long-awaited adventure begins!



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